I’m Useless

The baby has left this house a total of four times since JoJo brought him home from the hospital.  We have been diligent about hand washing and limiting the number of visitors  who come to see us.  With all of that, we still have a sick baby.  The doctor told us today that it was […]

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10 and 2

Today was a pretty good day! Not only did I drive but I went grocery shopping, with my husband, without the assistance of a wheelchair. Standing and walking for long periods of time take a lot out me so not having a wheelchair was a big risk.  I lasted the entire 30 minute trip and […]

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I Put In Work

On Wednesday, I had my first day of rehab but I spent that time meeting with nurses, getting measurements, and taking tours.  Today I went back and actually put in some work and now I am exhausted. I was really excited about today.  During orientation I met a lady who had suffered from PPCM about […]

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