Small Blessings

Last Wednesday I had a doctor’s appointment. The doctor was concerned that I might have something called C Diff (a really nasty infection of the gut) so he ordered some cultures. When I called him on Friday the results had not come back yet so he told me to call back on Monday. On Saturday I ended up in the ER. They confirmed that I did in fact have C Diff and they kept me overnight for observation. On Monday the doctor called me to tell me that the cultures he ordered came back NEGATIVE for C Diff but positive for a UTI. I told him about my ER visit so he told me he would call me back after he looked at those records. When he called me back he said that their test for the UTI came back contaminated so he told me to go see my general doctor for another test. He was concerned because the UTI I was testing positive for is resistant to most antibiotics and the only he could give me would cause the C Diff to flare back up and I would also have to be admitted to the hospital while I was on it (heart concerns).

I heard from the doctor today and they are still waiting for the cultures but the initial test showed no signs of an UTI.  Plus, my C Diff symptoms cleared up within 48 hours of starting my meds.

During this recovery I will celebrate all the blessings.

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