Low Sodium Tacos

I love Mexican food.

I cried when I found out how much sodium was in Mexican food.

I have been craving tacos since I got out of the hospital and tonight I decided I would give into those cravings and find a way to make them fit my limitations. There is a lot of room for improvement but these definitely satisfied my cravings.

The 3 items that push tacos over my sodium limit are the shells, the cheese, and the seasoning.

I was lucky enough to have a friend gift me with a pack of seasonings from Penzeys. and I was surprised at how great they tasted.  I used the Arizona Dreaming spices and in case I forgot to mention, they are sodium free!

When choosing your shells remember that Corn Tortillas are your best option. I opted for the Old El Paso Wide Bottom shells, two of these will only cost you 115mgs.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you will need to stay away from the taco cheese.  For my tacos I chose to go with Swiss cheese. Yes, I know this isn’t the ideal taco cheese but it will give you the texture you want for only 35mgs a slice.

You can choose whatever meat you like.  I found that lean red meat was my best option, 4 ounces only has 75mgs.

Now you get to have some fun! Top the tacos with all your favorite veggies  and toppings for even more flavor. I added lettuce and sour cream. I use Daisy Sour Cream and a tablespoon only has 10mgs!!!!

If you are keeping score you realize that these tacos will only cost you 117mgs of sodium per taco.

Do you know how many you can eat? . . . . so many

Long Live Taco Tuesday.

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