Low Sodium Cheeseburger

There are many things that I am good at but cooking is not among those things.  Thank God my mother-in-law taught her children how to cook.  In my opinion, my husband makes a burger that would give any burger joint a run for their money.  Of course, his burgers include an embarrassing amount of Lawry’s  Seasoned Salt and that makes them a huge no no for my current low sodium menu.

Tonight I was craving a burger and I was determined to create a low sodium version. I think I did a pretty good job for my first attempt. I present to you my 435mg cheeseburger.

I started with the bun because finding a low sodium bread is almost impossible.  After spending about 20 minutes on the bread aisle and reading every label I realized that a slider bun was going to be my best option.  I don’t need a lot of bread but I am not one of those who enjoy a burger wrapped in lettuce.  Pepperidge Farm Slider buns only contain 130mgs per bun, yes please!

The next hurdle was to find a cheese.  If you read labels you know that cheese will crush any low sodium dreams you may have.  What you may not know is that Swiss cheese will make those dreams come true. One slice has about 70mgs and because this is a slider I only needed half a slice, that’s 35mgs.

After researching, I discovered that 4 ounces of lean red meat contains about 75mgs. There are so many no sodium spices available if you like a little flavor in your meat.  I prefer adding my flavor via the condiments, which can use up your sodium allowance quickly.

I started with my 2 favorite condiments, mayo and pickles.  My favorite mayo is JFG, I’m a southern girl, and a tablespoon of this is approximately 50mgs. However, one pickle can contain up to 270mgs.  I decided to take that one pickle and cut it into very then slices.  These slices were about 15mgs a piece and I used 3 of them, which was enough to give me the flavor I craved.

I finished the burger off with lettuce and a small amount of mustard and ketchup, again just enough for the flavor.  This added approximately 100mgs to the burger.

I am not ashamed to admit that I ate 2.

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