Just Give Me The Damn Pepsi

During my stay at Duke, I had to be intubated three separate times. According to the doctors, the last time was tough and did significant damage to my esophagus and as a result, I had to go on what they referred to as a nectar thick diet.  I HATED THIS DIET.

The condition was called Dysphagia. This condition caused food and liquids to go down the “wrong pipe” and enter my lungs, which could result in asphyxia. I was sentenced to eating soft foods and liquids that were mixed with a gel thickener.  You heard that right, all liquids were mixed with a gel. I want you to really think about that, think about water being a gel consistency. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever had to go through and I had two babies.

The night before the Speech Therapist came in to reevaluate my throat I was so over it.  I was craving a Pepsi so bad and JoJo would not give in, not even a small taste.  It was so bad that when people came to see me I would say only one thing to them “Can you go downstairs and get me a Pepsi? JoJo doesn’t need to know about it”.  Everyone was scared to go against JoJo, even my nurses, so I did not get my Pepsi.  I was so mad at him that I refused to speak to him for that entire day and whenever he spoke to me I would just glare at him and turn my head.

After about 4 days I was finally given the OK to return to my regular diet and the first thing I did was drink a Pepsi.  Sadly, I now had thrush and it tasted like crap!

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