2 Month Update

This kid turned 2 months old today.

I am a very lucky momma because I have been gifted such a happy baby.  When he does cry, it either means he is hungry or wet.  He has become more aware of his surroundings and he lights up whenever his big sister or Dad enters the room. He loves to be naked and he doesn’t seem to mind baths.

These two months have been a little tough for me because I feel like I have missed out on most of his life.  I am so grateful to the people who have stepped up and filled in for me. My mother-in-law has been his primary caretaker and my mom usually visits once a week to relieve her.  My husband has returned to work and, even though he has 4AM wake up calls, he takes the nighttime baby duties.

I am starting to see an increase in my energy level, I even cook dinner most nights. I wish I could say that the increase in energy means that I can take on more mommy duties but he is now too heavy for me to carry.  I am trying to stay positive about this. I start cardiac rehab next week and I know that this will help me take on more but I am still worried that he will grow faster than I can recover.

Lately, I find myself getting super angry at the fact that I depend on everyone for simple tasks like changing a diaper or carrying him to his crib.  I feel like this stupid illness has robbed me of time that I will NEVER be able to get back.


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  1. It might be a theft only because you’re seeing it with the “normal values” box checked. You might be able to work out a harness to drag around a chair, or to have a wheeled chair you can scoot around with him installed on it. Get in the bathtub with him, sleep with him–use other methods to maintain the closeness. Remember, for him, this is all new, and this is his only reality. He will cherish whatever he gets from you with all his heart, just like any baby!!! He thinks you are wonderful and everything is exactly as it should be. So you kind of have to flip everything on its side in your head. (Note: on the other hand, I went through the same heart/body-hate you might be going through. I’m not saying your feelings are invalid at all. But I bet the baby is way more cool with it than you are.) ♥

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