I Put In Work

On Wednesday, I had my first day of rehab but I spent that time meeting with nurses, getting measurements, and taking tours.  Today I went back and actually put in some work and now I am exhausted.

I was really excited about today.  During orientation I met a lady who had suffered from PPCM about 14 years ago and as a result she had a heart transplant on Thanksgiving. We immediately bonded, similar near death experiences will create a bond, and I was happy to see her walk into the gym.

When you first arrive, you checkin and get your name tag. You then sit down with a nurse who will take your blood pressure and do a before exercise EKG.  My blood pressure was running super low today, the meds I take make it low so that my heart doesn’t have to work so hard, but they were not concerned because I wasn’t experiencing any pain.  Once I was all checked in, I headed to the fitness center to begin my exercise.

First up was the recumbent bike.  I spent 10 minutes at level 2 and every couple of minutes they would take my pulse, my max rate was set to 107.  I actually did very well and stayed in the low 90s.  I then moved to a regular stationary bike and the process was repeated.  The last piece of equipment was a recumbent cross trainer called NuStep, this one worked my legs and my arms.  I finished the session on this bike and I challenged myself by setting it to a level 3, I told you I was putting in work. Once all the exercises were done we headed back to the nurses for an after exercise EKG. A quick cool down wrapped up the session and I headed home.

The whole process was a humbling experience and not just because I was the youngest one there. When I walked out I was feeling so cocky and bragging that this was a piece of cake, then the soreness set in.  My whole body hurts right now but I am going to focus on my numbers. I walked 1222 steps today and burned 182 calories because of exercise. . . . . that’s almost triple what I usually do.

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