I know there are some people, mainly in the fitness industry, that make a face when you say cardio. They think that running or cycling for hours is a waste of time. I was lucky enough to have a husband,¬† also a trainer, who knew that any exercise I loved was a good exercise and […]

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Low Sodium Nachos

I love nachos. I craved them when I was pregnant and I crave them now. I was devastated when I learned how much sodium was in cheese and tortilla chips. The thought of never being able to enjoy a really big plate of nachos hurt my feelings. ¬†Then my husband when on a quest to […]

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Code Blue

During rehab today, there was a code blue called to the gym. I was standing on the treadmill talking with a nurse when she took off running. I looked up and saw all the other nurses running out the door, some pushing their EKG machines. A few minutes later my nurse came back in and […]

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